Ok, another new blog.

I’ve a habit of blogging enthusiastically for a few months, one long post after another regularly. And then I’ll have this block. It’s not quite like the writer’s block – lack of inspiration. But after some time, I will simply feel disoriented. There’s too many thoughts going through my mind everytime I want to blog and I can’t blog a proper, coherent, smooth-flwing entry. And that’s frustrating -_-

Which is why I’ll stop. For months even. But I’ll continue reading others’ blogs. Which will make me feel like blogging once again hahah.

This is a terrible habit. And blogging is an even more addictive habit to quit. Ok, maybe second after nail-biting, which is my skeleton in my closet (besides ALL my clothes, which is FYI bursting my closet, and I don’t even wear two thirds of them anymore -_-).

Ok, side-tracking is another terrible habit to quit.