August 2007

I must say that I’m a pretty morbid person. I’m not depressed. I’m not pessimistic. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. But unfortunately, death is so unpredictable and inevitable, and I’ve come to accept that. So I’ve already made after-death arrangements with my family umpteen times.  

– Eh, mummy, 我死后你们要记得把我全部的器官都捐出去hor! 不要浪费!


– 我的funeral不要播orbiang的music hor. 我要播hip hop.


– Huh, 为什么!


– *sianz* Then记得把我随便烧就好了。不用浪费钱买棺材。

“Aiyoh, 一定要有棺材的啦!”

– *protesting* 可是浪费钱leh! 棺材很贵leh, then 还不是烧掉!随变包一块布就可以了啦!

Y chupped in at this point,looking sian diao:

 “Oei, 你不可以死 hor. 你的 loans 谁要帮你还。”

– *middle finger twitching*  @$%$^%&^*&(&*($@$&^(&*)*    (-_-)

My mummy, on the contrary…

*probably during some TV drama showing the crematorium*  

“记得我不要火化 hor, 我要埋的。”

This being the 1st time my mum ever brought this up, imagine Y’s and my shock!

– Huh! Siao! 哪里有地方给你埋!现在都用烧的啦!


– *look at Y flabberghasted*  Siao leh, 要埋的。埋的话还要扫墓,麻烦leh…

Ingenious Y: 才不管你 leh haha, 把你烧了,你也不知道! 

– *laughing hard* 对咯!你又不知道!

Y: *evil* 把你烧了, 再把你撒在大海!(wah lidat no need to buy condo too, damn smart)

– 不对,把骨灰冲进马桶就够了!反正 all water goes into the sea!!! *laugh like siao with Y*

“我不管!我不管!我要埋的!! ”


Just 2 evenings ago, I was watching the Korean drama on Channel U <致父亲母亲> with my parents and my younger sis, Y. Some of you might think it’s a boring show just by looking at the name or the cast and yawn at the thought of having to watch that for the next few months, but it’s actually a pretty interesting and heartwarming show. Unless, of course, you don’t have a heart.

But anyway, it was at the scene where the son-in-law who committed adultery was explaining to his parents-in-law that he felt lonely cause his wife was always taking care of their son who by the way had autism and neglecting him. That bastard, but lets not side track. So anyway the mum-in-law was rebutting that it’s not wrong for a woman to place the child (or children) before the husband once the child is born.

To which I immediately turned to my mum for verification:

– 真的吗?


– 吓!浆本来Papa第一名,我出生后就变第二名。*point at Y* 你出生后就变第三名。L出生后就变第四名! *turn to daddy* 浆Papa不是很可怜!!


At this point, my daddy was already grinning broadly at amusement.

Just a typical day in the Su family. My family quite funny right =)

Ok, another new blog.

I’ve a habit of blogging enthusiastically for a few months, one long post after another regularly. And then I’ll have this block. It’s not quite like the writer’s block – lack of inspiration. But after some time, I will simply feel disoriented. There’s too many thoughts going through my mind everytime I want to blog and I can’t blog a proper, coherent, smooth-flwing entry. And that’s frustrating -_-

Which is why I’ll stop. For months even. But I’ll continue reading others’ blogs. Which will make me feel like blogging once again hahah.

This is a terrible habit. And blogging is an even more addictive habit to quit. Ok, maybe second after nail-biting, which is my skeleton in my closet (besides ALL my clothes, which is FYI bursting my closet, and I don’t even wear two thirds of them anymore -_-).

Ok, side-tracking is another terrible habit to quit.